by - 12:30 AM


I am such a sucker for romantic doubt I will be seeing several this weekend while crying and hugging an awkward friend/family member.  This is how relationships grow people. 

I am working today and doing research so my TGIF celebration will have to wait until 5 pm.  I have some sunscreen and a large hat waiting for me as I will be living vicariously by the pool this weekend.  If you see a small woman with a hat that almost tips her over with white sunscreen on her nose, don't be shy, give me a holler!  Tomorrow, I will be hitting the trails with my precious Maya Papaya.  Thank God for big dogs who can carry large backpacks filled with ice and water...

I will also be finishing off the chicken coop this weekend.  Yes, I have had the poor chickens for about three months.  No, they have not had shelter but they have had a rather spiffy cardboard box to nest in at night....please don't take them away from me....Off to organize my supplies I go!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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