The ones that got away...

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Now,  most times when I arrive at a thrift store, I arrive with the knowledge that I brought my cash and left my will power in the car.  Some days,  I am forced to leave things that I really liked because...

A.  There is no room in my small car.
B.  I tried exercising will power in the car and didn't bring enough cash.
C.  Some relative has threatened to call an intervention on me.

On those days, I take pictures on the ones that got away and look back and sigh, imagining all the ways that item could have been restored and styled.  Here are a couple of items that escaped my little hoarder hands:

I am sorry but these curtains were SEXY! Imagine pinch pleating and thermal protection.  Oooh baby! Did I mention that at just three dollars a piece their were a steal!?  Sadly, I had no purpose for them and they didn't match any of my current things.  

Look beyond the mountains of toys.  That, my friends, is the ikea desk I originally wanted for my room.  Modern, sleek and thin but with enough surface space for me to place piles upon piles of papers.  Sigh.  It was only 14.99.

This little lamp was so beautiful in person.  The light bounced of its crystals in a way that is too beautiful to describe.  That's right.  It wasn't plastic or glass but a heavy crystal with a metal base.  Beautiful princess lamps for someone else at 4.99.

Apparently Goodwill has discovered my weakness for cool Target stuff and thriftiness because they buy Target's surplus.  How will I ever kick my addiction!?

Bachelor pad chairs, come to momma....

At just $20-30 a piece I was really sad to leave these.  They were gorgeous!

Oh well, the quest for more will power (or a larger car) continues...

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Posted by : Linda Jauregui


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Yesterday, I heard something on TV (or illegally streamed tv shows) that lit some sort of internal light bulb.  I just had to share with you.  The always wise Sheldan said, "If it makes you feel any better, in 100 years, you'll be dead and none of this will matter.".  You're welcome.  Uplifting?  No.  True?  Yes.  No matter how huge our problems are they are tiny compared the infinite complexity of the universe.  In other words, it's time to shake off the stress and go out to shake a tail feather.

Go on, have a great day!  Kick ass and sleep more than necessary my friends!  Have a wonderful weekend.
Posted by : Linda Jauregui