The ones that got away...

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Now,  most times when I arrive at a thrift store, I arrive with the knowledge that I brought my cash and left my will power in the car.  Some days,  I am forced to leave things that I really liked because...

A.  There is no room in my small car.
B.  I tried exercising will power in the car and didn't bring enough cash.
C.  Some relative has threatened to call an intervention on me.

On those days, I take pictures on the ones that got away and look back and sigh, imagining all the ways that item could have been restored and styled.  Here are a couple of items that escaped my little hoarder hands:

I am sorry but these curtains were SEXY! Imagine pinch pleating and thermal protection.  Oooh baby! Did I mention that at just three dollars a piece their were a steal!?  Sadly, I had no purpose for them and they didn't match any of my current things.  

Look beyond the mountains of toys.  That, my friends, is the ikea desk I originally wanted for my room.  Modern, sleek and thin but with enough surface space for me to place piles upon piles of papers.  Sigh.  It was only 14.99.

This little lamp was so beautiful in person.  The light bounced of its crystals in a way that is too beautiful to describe.  That's right.  It wasn't plastic or glass but a heavy crystal with a metal base.  Beautiful princess lamps for someone else at 4.99.

Apparently Goodwill has discovered my weakness for cool Target stuff and thriftiness because they buy Target's surplus.  How will I ever kick my addiction!?

Bachelor pad chairs, come to momma....

At just $20-30 a piece I was really sad to leave these.  They were gorgeous!

Oh well, the quest for more will power (or a larger car) continues...

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Yesterday, I heard something on TV (or illegally streamed tv shows) that lit some sort of internal light bulb.  I just had to share with you.  The always wise Sheldan said, "If it makes you feel any better, in 100 years, you'll be dead and none of this will matter.".  You're welcome.  Uplifting?  No.  True?  Yes.  No matter how huge our problems are they are tiny compared the infinite complexity of the universe.  In other words, it's time to shake off the stress and go out to shake a tail feather.

Go on, have a great day!  Kick ass and sleep more than necessary my friends!  Have a wonderful weekend.
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Zuppa Toscana

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Gosh, I love this soup.  I used to make this all the time before I began to get sick.  This is actually the first time I make it in five years.  It's rich and creamy, and nothing makes my heart melt with fat covered happiness more than this on a cold day.  

Now, this isn't the healthiest soup ever made.  It has heavy cream, bacon, and Italian sausage, but this is my definition of comfort food.  I made it as part of my food prep this Sunday.  I save it in small portions and freeze most of it in tiny mason jars for days when I come home so tired that a sandwich and a reheated jar of soup are the only alternative.  

I love to freeze my food.  It keeps me from having to cook all the time (and greatly reduces the chances of me burning food).  

I made some small changes to this recipe.  I add the whole bunch of kale that I bought and used real bacon instead of bacon bits, a whole package to be precise.  Enjoy!

**For a low FODMAP alternative, simply omit the onions and garlic, like I do.  I promise it will still taste great, but, as we all know, everything is infinitely more delicious with loads of onions and garlic.**

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Pinot Pallate

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A couple of weeks ago I went out with some girlfriends to a place called Pinot's Palette.  Pinot's Palette is a place where elegance and refined tastes mesh in an elegant dance that enthrall the senses... Or rather it rocks your world by letting you paint a canvas all the while getting smashed and giggling with girlfriends.  

No doubt that, when you leave, you think that Picasso can basically bow down to the master... Only to find that someone has replaced your masterpiece with something a blind colorblind person could do better on the sober morning after...

And while I usually do not drink because alcohol tastes like the soul of a puppy-killer,  I changed my mind on that day.  For the first time, I actually tasted really delicious wine.  Feast your eyes on the most delicious happy-maker I have ever found.  

We had the best time!  May I suggest that the location get petite friendly aprons that don't reach past the knees....

**Disclaimer**  I apologize for the blurry pictures.  One simply cannot be asked to hold a camera steady after finishing a cup of wine.  Yep, I go hard....
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Girl vs. hair

Read Article →, dog hair that is....

Let me start at the beginning.  You see, this girl had a very disciplined mother who, oddly, allowed her to decorate her room and dress herself any which way she liked.  Seriously, as long as I was not dressed like a harlot and had finished all my homework, I could wear whatever I wanted.  This led to such iconic clothing choices such as the ice-cream-applique-jean-short-with-old-lady-sweater-and-school-shirt.  Did I mention I liked to pair these with frilly socks.  Did I mention that the socks were always mismatched and never put on right, as in the heel of the sock was always on the ankle...or on top of the foot.  Did I mention I wore that sweater in the summer even when I was sweating in the 120 degree Texas heat.  Yeah.  I was something see and, I'm sure, smell...

Anyway, because of such an upbringing, my bedroom ended up looking something like this...

...and God help you if you moved a single item because I knew exactly where everything was.  You just did not mess with my mad organization...

I am not going to lie.  The path to organization has not been easy.  On some days, the house is cleaner than others, but generally speaking, it never looks like this.  EVER.  My name is Linda and I am a recovering messy person/hoarder.

Which brings me to the point of this whole shebang.  I have been tweaking a chore list for myself for some time now and I finally have something that works for me.  I saw it on another blog, but I can't remember which at the moment.  If anyone knows the blog, let me know, and I will give them credit.

Of course, I didn't finish cleaning today because I was busy decorating my chore list...and laminating it.  Of course. 

This list works.  If you adhere to it, your home will sparkle.  People will stand back in awe at the eternally clean dishes...or in my case breathe easy because the house isn't full of dog hair.

Here's a link if anyone wants to download it:
Posted by : Linda Jauregui