Long time no see...

by - 6:52 PM

I sincerely apologize for disappearing.  I honestly loved my little creative space but , as always, life got in the way.  I finished leveling off my degree and got a new job that I love, have a winderful nurturing boss, AND it pays well.  I know it's tacky to mention money but in the grand scheme of life it's a pretty important factor.  More importantly, I get to wear yoga capris every day at work.  Did I mention this was my dream job??

Also this happened:

-Sushi birthday dinner-

Yep.  I am 26 now.  I can no longer check of the box that says 18-25.  I can't say that I am all that wiser but I definitely won't be taking any afternoon naps anymore.  As you get older time seems to pass you by faster since a year of your life is a smaller and smaller fraction of it.  I don't have any more time to lose! 

I have also realized that its time  to stop saying "when I grow up...".  The lady in the mirror is a grown up now, and I have the early onset of wrinkles to prove it....stand back gravity!!  I am not going down without a fight!!

As part of my new embrace of adulthood,  I realized I was feeling maternal urges, so it was only natural to want to raise some children of my own...

Yep.  This happened.  I was totally kidding about the maternal urges, though.  The spiders and I were raging a war in the backyard that I was losing until I brought in reinforcements.  It is just a coincidence that they all have names..McCluckin, Henrietta, Mustacchio, and C.R....

As part of my return to blogging I am afraid I will be mostly posting pictures from my phone.  I hope you guys don't mind,  but I really don't have a lot of time now with all my hardcore partying and work and stuff...FINE.  If you really must know editing pictures for hours infringes upon my returning shows... Game of thrones anyone?

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